Fire Drill at Batumi Oil Terminal

Batumi Oil Terminal LLC organized a fire drill with simulated fire at the petroleum shore tanks. The participants of fire drill – Batumi Oil Terminal Fire Safety Service (15 personnel and 3 units of equipment) and operational personnel (8 employees) and fire-fighting force of Batumi Main Department of Emergency Situations. According to the Fire-fighting Operations Plan, the Incident Management Team consisted of engineers and management of Batumi Oil Terminal was organized. The fire drill legend: “The fire occurred in the shore tank # 150 with petroleum product. The product was poured into the bounding of the tank farm. The nearby two shore tanks, rail tank car and road tank estacadas appeared in the zone of the high temperature. The fire spread on the 743 m² surface of the petroleum product and 150 m² of the poured petroleum product at the bottom of the shore tank, appeared black and heavy smoke”. Due to the professional and combined actions of Batumi Oil Terminal Fire team and Fire-rescue team of Batumi Main Department of Emergency Situations, the fire was fully put out. The fire drill was ended successfully and demonstrated the readiness and cooperation of Batumi Oil Terminal and Batumi Main Department of Emergency Situations during the emergency situations.

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