Batumi Oil Terminal LTD held oil spill response training

In May 10, 2016, "Batumi Oil Terminal" Ltd (BOT), "Batumi Sea Port" LTD (BSP) and “NRC International” carried out cooperative oil spill response training. During training exercises were used BOT and “NRC International” small service boats, BSP oil skimmer boat "Flora", and all required technical equipment for localization and liquidation of on-water oil spills. Some aspects of the oil spill response operations were tested during the exercise. Including: • Operational safety issues; • BOT, BSP and NRC’s emergency personnel’s competence while performing cooperative oil spill response operations; • Efficiency and quickness of BOT and BSP personnel actions; • Oil spill localization and liquidation operations strategy and tactics with reference to oil spill location and the environmental conditions; • Readiness of means of communication. • Readiness of oil spill response technical and floating means.

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