Press-release: Historical pollution reminds

Batumi, 22 August, 2015: On August 22, 2015 at 6:50 am the operational personnel of Batumi Oil Terminal detected the oil film leaking out under the soil from the Terminal’s territory into the river Bartskhana. According to the Internal notification plan, Terminal Oil Spill Response Team, NRC International Service, providing environmental support for the Terminal and operation personnel of the Terminal was mobilized. Terminal’s responsible management arrived at the incident place and organized an Incident Management Team. Soon after the detection of the oil film, the river Bartskhana was boned, and Response teams started the decontamination works. The construction contractor of the Terminal – Mar-41 Ltd – with their staff and equipment arrived at the pollution place to provide the comprehensive assistance to the Terminal. The part of the pollution leaked into the sea. The decontamination of the sea was launched with the involvement of the oil skimmer boat of the Batumi Sea Port. The response teams determined the cause of the incident. Due to the intense rains for a few hours before the discovery of an oil film, the groundwater level throughout the Terminal rose to a critical level, which led to a washout of historical pollution in the river Bartshana, which flows in the vicinity of the Terminal. In the morning, all the work to clean up the contaminated sites has been successfully completed. The Laboratory of Black Sea Protection Conventional Inspection has determined the amount of pollution - approximately 100 kg. At this stage the Conventional Inspection establishes the damage caused to the environment.

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