Batumi Oil Terminal (“BOT”) is conducting the optimization of the company’s activity and is planning to hand over some spheres to the outsourcing

Namely, with the purpose of the optimization of the company’s activity and increase of the security level, Batumi Oil Terminal took a decision to hand over the Terminal’s security service to the outsourcing, to the legal entity of the public law – the Department of the Guard Police of the Ministry of internal affairs. “It is necessary to admit that we are not dismissing the personnel and leaving them without any income. We have carried on negotiations with the contracting organization and the whole personnel, which satisfies the normative standards, will be hired in the new company. All employees will receive compensation at the rate of a monthly salary. And those employees, which do not meet the normative standards and will be left unemployed in this profession, will additionally receive a financial support, which is two times more than the one foreseen by the legislation of Georgia, and also free insurance package till the end of the year”, stated the General Director of the Terminal Temirkhan Abdirov. Batumi Oil Terminal also offers the free-of-charge re-qualification program for the employees. This helps the employees, upon their wish, to get new knowledge and skills. These employees will be included in the company’s candidate pool of potential employees and could try themselves in other professions. In case of a vacancy, these employees will be hired at the first place.

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